Meet team Ingenious Tribe!

Built for kids, by kids at heart.

Who we are

Our passion is play-based learning and positive parenting.

We are parents and tech engineers, and our first-hand experience in parenting, combined with intuition, has inspired us to develop and build apps that have real educational benefits for young children.

And Ingenious Tribe was born.

Mia and Mylo are the little rascals behind the scenes. They are crazy energetic and their noise makes a good background music in the office.

Thanks to our parenting discoveries, every day we are learning more and more about what it means to be an instrument in child development, building the right platform to ensure kids’ screen time matters.

About our logo

Our Dolphin logo represents our Ingenious Tribe community – highly intelligent and symbolizes multidimensional wisdom.

Dolphins are both extremely smart and closely in tune with their instincts, striking a balance between the two states.

Their playful nature is a reminder that everyone needs to approach life with humor and joy.

They also represent strong moral convictions and self-confidence, reminding us to speak our minds and stand our ground rather than hide our true selves.

The water signifies our diverse imaginations and continuous flow of ideas and passions.
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Chief Ninja
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Chief Geek
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Design Alchemist


Digital Prophet
Mia Ingenious Tribe Team


Play Ninja
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Play Ninja Intern

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